Lunchbox  1.12.0
Multi-threaded C++ toolbox library for all application developers creating high-performance multi-threaded programs.

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Release 1.12 (02-11-2015)

  • 233: Fix RequestHandler::waitRequest to not unregister the request if it times out. Request::relinquish() replaced by Request::unregister().
  • 218: Fix write to lunchbox::MemoryMap on MSVC
  • 218: Fix missing file:line print in backtrace() on MSVC
  • 217: Implement lunchbox::getRootPath()
  • 216: getLibraryPaths: Fixes library path results for OSX and linux
  • 213: getExecutablePath: More sensible behaviour for OS X app bundles

Release 1.11 (07-07-2015)

Release 1.10 (09-10-2014)

  • Added API for continuous browsing to lunchbox::Servus
  • Added lunchbox::getHostname function
  • Added lunchbox::PersistentMap interface for persistent key-value stores
  • Added lunchbox::URI parsing support according to RFC3986
  • Added timeout parameter for the Future::wait function
  • Improved lunchbox::Servus implementations, supporting continuous browsing and using the native Avahi API on Linux
  • Improved performance of lunchbox::make_uint128()
  • Improved thread logging facilities
  • OSX 10.9, Win32 builds improved

Known Bugs

The following bugs were known at release time. Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.

  • 6: Condition::timedWait does not wait on early RHEL 6.1 versions