Collage  1.7.0
High-performance C++ library for developing object-oriented distributed applications.
co::Distributable< T, S, Args > Member List

This is the complete list of members for co::Distributable< T, S, Args >, including all inherited members.

commit(const uint32_t incarnation=CO_COMMIT_NEXT) finalco::Distributable< T, S, Args >inline
Distributable(Args...args)co::Distributable< T, S, Args >inline
Distributable(const Distributable &rhs)co::Distributable< T, S, Args >inline
isDirty() const finalco::Distributable< T, S, Args >inline
notifyChanged() overrideco::Distributable< T, S, Args >inline
~Distributable() (defined in co::Distributable< T, S, Args >)co::Distributable< T, S, Args >inlinevirtual