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GPU solutions for the multicore age

Eyescale is committed to provide the best software consulting and development services for 3D visualization software and parallel applications in today's multicore, multi-GPU world.


Patrick Bouchaud

Patrick Bouchaud

International R&D software project manager. Spent over twelve years at Silicon Graphics, Inc. managing research programs and delivering leading edge technology for high-performance visualization and scalable graphics architectures. Specialized in collaborative and immersive environments, parallel and distributed software architectures, OpenGL programming and Scenegraph Software APIs. Awarded 1998 Golden Nica for Interactive Art for the development of WorldSkin.
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Stefan Eilemann

Stefan Eilemann

Engineering Diploma in Computer Science in 1998. Worked in SGI's Advanced Graphics Division as the technical lead of OpenGL Multipipe SDK, a toolkit for the development of scalable, parallel visualization software. Worked with various projects, such as Volumizer, Vizserver, Compositor and OMP, to unify and extend SGI's multipipe graphics software offerings. Developed Equalizer as a Researcher at the Visualization and Multimedia Lab at the University of Zürich. Specialized in High Performance Visualization, Scalable Rendering, Application Parallelization and Tuning.
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Eyescale leads the development, provides application development services and support for the Equalizer parallel rendering framework.

We have extensive experience with other visualization software and hardware, and help you to integrate your application with open source and commercial solutions such as the OpenSceneGraph, Open Inventor and NVSG scene graphs as well as the Equalizer, OpenGL Multipipe SDK and Chromium parallel rendering frameworks.


Eyescale provides developer support for the Equalizer parallel rendering framework. Our support contracts give your developers direct access to our expertise in parallel rendering technologies, and provide a peace of mind during commercial application development with Equalizer.

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Our CUDA and OpenCL experts help you to harness the computational power of modern GPU's to your applications. We assist you during the entire migration process, from identifying the computational bottlenecks, GPU programming to application deployment.

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