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co::DataStreamArchiveException Class Reference

Exception thrown when serialization cannot proceed. More...

#include <dataStreamArchiveException.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DataStreamArchiveException (signed char invalid_size)
 type size is not large enough for deserialized number
 DataStreamArchiveException ()
 negative number in unsigned type
template<typename T >
 DataStreamArchiveException (const T &abnormal)
 serialization of inf, nan and denormals
const char * what () const throw ()
 override the base class function with our message

Detailed Description

Exception thrown when serialization cannot proceed.

There are several situations in which the DataStream archives may fail and throw an exception:

  1. deserialization of an integer value that exceeds the range of the type
  2. (de)serialization of inf/nan through an archive with no_infnan flag set
  3. deserialization of a denormalized value without the floating point type supporting denormalized numbers

Note that this exception will also be thrown if you mixed up your stream position and accidentially interpret some value for size data (in this case the reported size will be totally amiss most of the time).

Definition at line 49 of file dataStreamArchiveException.h.

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