Collage  1.4.0
High-performance C++ library for developing object-oriented distributed applications.

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Release 1.4 (11-Mar-2016)

  • 172: Add support to distribute servus::Serializable (ZeroBuf) objects

Release 1.3 (3-Nov-2015)

  • 164: Implement OS-chosen port number for RSP
  • 160: Replace command queue and barrier timeout exceptions with return values

Release 1.2 (7-Jul-2015)

  • 142: Expose addConnection() for local server connections in Equalizer
  • 143, 144, 152: Denoise log output
  • 147: Adapt to Lunchbox/Pression refactoring

Release 1.1 (7-Aug-2014)

  • 69: Refactor Barrier API for robustness, deprecate old API
  • 71: BufferCache race may lead to segmentation fault
  • 79: Node::connect race condition
  • 82: Barrier races and deadlocks with sync()
  • 88: LocalNode::handleData() asserts handling non-pending receive
  • 112: Fix racy connection handshake
  • 113: De-race EventConnection::close to fix Travis

Release 1.0 (24-Jun-2013)

  • 07/Mar/2013: PluginRegistry, Plugin and compressors are moved to Lunchbox. co::Global still maintains the global Collage plugin registry.
  • 11/Feb/2013: Node::useMulticast has been renamed to getMulticast. This method, and the previous getMulticast have been made protected. Node::getConnection has a flag to prefer a multicast connection.
  • 28/Jan/2013: The program name and working directory have been moved from co::Global to eq::Global.
  • 06/Sep/2012: New stream-based commands supersedes packet-based messaging. New send() methods in co::Node & co::Object replaces old API. All packets are superseded by NodeOCommand & ObjectOOCommand for sending commands, and by Command & ObjectCommand for receiving commands.
  • 09/Aug/2012: Made co::DataOStream::write private. Use 'os << co::Array< T >( ptr, num )' instead.
  • 27/Jul/2012: Made co::DataIStream::read private. Use 'is >> co::Array< T >( ptr, num )' instead.