Collage  1.4.0
High-performance C++ library for developing object-oriented distributed applications.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcoObject-oriented network library
 CBarrierA networked, versioned barrier
 CBufferA receive buffer for a Connection
 CBufferConnectionA proxy connection buffering outgoing data into a memory buffer
 CBufferListenerA listener interface to buffer state changes
 CCommandFuncA wrapper to register a function callback on an object instance
 CCommandQueueA thread-safe, blocking queue for ICommand buffers
 CConnectionAn interface definition for communication between hosts
 CConnectionDescriptionDescribes Connection parameters
 CConnectionSetHandles events on a set of connections
 CCustomICommandAn input command specialization for custom commands
 CCustomOCommandA class for sending custom commands and data to nodes
 CDataIStreamA std::istream-like input data stream for binary data
 CDataIStreamArchiveA boost.serialization input archive reading from a co::DataIStream
 CDataOStreamA std::ostream-like interface for object serialization
 CDataOStreamArchiveA boost.serialization output archive writing to a co::DataOStream
 CDataStreamArchiveExceptionException thrown when serialization cannot proceed
 CDispatcherA class providing command dispatch functionality to networked objects
 CDistributableDistributable Collage object for any servus::Serializable object
 CExceptionA base Exception class for Collage operations
 CGlobalGlobal parameter handling for the Collage library
 CICommandA class managing received commands
 CLocalNodeNode specialization for a local node
 CNodeProxy node representing a remote LocalNode
 CObjectA distributed object
 CObjectFactoryThe interface to create objects, used by ObjectMap
 CObjectHandlerInterface for entities which map and register objects
 CObjectICommandAn input command specialization for objects
 CObjectMapA distributed object registry
 CObjectOCommandA class for sending commands and data to local & external objects
 CObjectVersionA helper struct bundling an object identifier and version
 COCommandA class for sending commands with data to local and external nodes
 CQueueItemThe item of the distributed queue holding the data
 CQueueMasterThe producer end of a distributed queue
 CQueueSlaveThe consumer end of a distributed queue
 CSerializableBase class for distributed, inheritable objects
 CVersionInformation about the current Collage version
 CWorkerThreadA worker thread processing items out of a CommandQueue
 CZeroconfA zeroconf communicator
 Chash< co::ObjectVersion >ObjectVersion hash function