Equalizer  1.9.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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\NeqThe Equalizer client library
 oNaglThe system abstraction layer for Apple OpenGL and Carbon
 oNfabricThe Equalizer data synchronization fabric
 oNglxThe system abstraction layer for X11 and glX
 oNqtThe system abstraction layer for Qt
 oNutilEqualizer utility classes
 oNwglThe system abstraction layer for Windows OpenGL
 oNx11An abstraction layer for CPU-based rendering using X11
 oCCanvasA canvas represents a logical 2D projection surface
 oCChannelA channel represents a two-dimensional viewport within a Window
 oCChannelStatisticsSamples one channel statistics event
 oCClientThe client represents a network node of the application in the cluster
 oCCompositorA set of functions performing compositing for a set of input frames
 oCComputeContextThe interface definition for API-specific GPGPU handling
 oCConfigA configuration is a visualization session driven by an application
 oCConfigStatisticsSamples one Config statistics event
 oCCUDAContextCUDA implementation of a ComputeContext
 oCEventHandlerBase class for window system-specific event handlers
 oCEventICommandA command specialization for config events
 oCExceptionException class for Equalizer operations
 oCFrameA holder for a frame data and related parameters
 oCFrameDataA holder for multiple images
 oCGLExceptionOpenGL Exception
 oCGlobalGlobal parameter handling for the Equalizer client library
 oCGLWindowA system window for OpenGL rendering
 oCImageA holder for pixel data
 oCLayoutA layout groups one or more View, logically belonging together
 oCMessagePumpAn interface to process system messages or events
 oCNodeA Node represents a single computer in the cluster
 oCNodeFactoryThe node factory is a per-node singleton used to create and release Equalizer resource instances
 oCNotifierInterfaceA base class for notifying errors and events
 oCObserverAn Observer looks at one or more views from a certain position (head matrix) with a given eye separation
 oCPipeA Pipe represents a graphics card (GPU) on a Node
 oCPixelDataThe pixel data structure manages the pixel information for images
 oCResultImageListenerThe result image listener gets notified on new images produced by destination channels
 oCSegmentA segment covers a sub-area of a Canvas
 oCServerProxy object for the connection to an Equalizer server
 oCStatisticSamplerUtility to sample an statistics event
 oCSystemPipeThe interface definition for system-specific GPU handling
 oCSystemWindowThe interface definition for system-specific windowing code
 oCVersionInformation about the current Equalizer version
 oCViewA View is a 2D area of a Layout
 oCWindowA Window represents an on-screen or off-screen drawable
 oCWindowSettingsA set of settings to setup an eq::SystemWindow
 oCWindowStatisticsA statistics sampler for window-related events
 oCWindowSystemIFThe interface for windowing toolkits