Lunchbox  1.14.0
Multi-threaded C++ toolbox library for all application developers creating high-performance multi-threaded programs.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NlunchboxAbstraction layer and common utilities for multi-threaded programming
 CAnyA class which can hold instances of any type
 CArrayA wrapper for C arrays without any memory management
 CAtomicA variable with atomic semantics and standalone atomic operations
 Cbad_any_castA specialization for exceptions thrown by an unsuccessful any_cast
 CBufferA simple memory buffer with some helper functions
 CClockA class for time measurements
 CConditionA condition variable and associated lock
 CDSOHelper to access dynamic shared objects (DSO)
 CFutureA future represents a asynchronous operation
 CFuture< void >Future template specialization for void
 CFutureBoolA boolean future with a known value
 CFutureFunctionA Future implementation using a boost::function for fulfilment
 CFutureImplBase class to implement the wait method fulfilling the future
 ChashRefPtrA hash function for RefPtr keys
 CIndexIteratorCounter-based, as opposed to pointer-based, iterator for any container
 CIntervalSetA container to store intervals of elements efficently
 CLauncherThe launcher executes a command from a separate process
 CLFQueueA thread-safe, lock-free queue with non-blocking access
 CLFVectorSTL-like vector implementation providing certain thread-safety guarantees
 CLFVectorIteratorAn iterator for LFVector
 CLockA lock (mutex) primitive
 CLockableA convenience structure to hold data together with a lock for access
 CLogThe logging class
 CMemoryMapHelper to map a file to a memory address (mmap)
 CMonitorA monitor primitive
 CMTQueueA thread-safe queue with a blocking read access
 CGroupGroup descriptor for popBarrier()
 CPerThreadImplements thread-specific storage for C++ objects
 CPerThreadRefThread-specific storage for a RefPtr
 CPluginManages a class deriving from a T interface
 CPluginFactoryFactory for Plugin classes
 CPluginRegistererHelper class to statically register derived plugin classes
 CPoolAn object allocation pool
 CPtrHashA hash for pointer keys
 CReferencedBase class for referenced objects
 CRefPtrA smart reference pointer, aka boost::intrusive_ptr
 CRefPtrHashA hash for RefPtr keys
 CRequestA Future implementation for a RequestHandler request
 CRequestHandlerA thread-safe request handler
 CResultA result returns an error code and behaves like a boolean
 CRNGA random number generator
 CScopedMutexA scoped mutex
 CSpinLockA fast lock for uncontended memory access
 CThreadUtility class to execute code in a separate execution thread
 CThreadIDAn utility class to wrap OS-specific thread identifiers
 CTimedLockA mutex with timeout capabilities
 CTLSProvides thread-local storage API used by PerThread and PerThreadRef
 CVersionInformation about the current Lunchbox version