Lunchbox  1.16.0
Multi-threaded C++ toolbox library for all application developers creating high-performance multi-threaded programs.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NlunchboxAbstraction layer and common utilities for multi-threaded programming
 CAnyA class which can hold instances of any type
 CArrayA wrapper for C arrays without any memory management
 CAtomicA variable with atomic semantics and standalone atomic operations
 Cbad_any_castA specialization for exceptions thrown by an unsuccessful any_cast
 CBufferA simple memory buffer with some helper functions
 CClockA class for time measurements
 CDSOHelper to access dynamic shared objects (DSO)
 CFutureA future represents a asynchronous operation
 CFuture< void >Future template specialization for void
 CFutureBoolA boolean future with a known value
 CFutureFunctionA Future implementation using a boost::function for fulfilment
 CFutureImplBase class to implement the wait method fulfilling the future
 CIndexIteratorCounter-based, as opposed to pointer-based, iterator for any container
 CIntervalSetA container to store intervals of elements efficently
 CLFQueueA thread-safe, lock-free queue with non-blocking access
 CLFVectorSTL-like vector implementation providing certain thread-safety guarantees
 CLFVectorIteratorAn iterator for LFVector
 CLockableA convenience structure to hold data together with a lock for access
 CLogThe logging class
 CMemoryMapHelper to map a file to a memory address (mmap)
 CMonitorA monitor primitive
 CMTQueueA thread-safe queue with a blocking read access
 CGroupGroup descriptor for popBarrier()
 CPerThreadImplements thread-specific storage for C++ objects
 CPerThreadRefThread-specific storage for a RefPtr
 CPluginFactoryFactory for Plugin classes
 CPluginRegistererHelper class to statically register derived plugin classes
 CPoolA thread-safe object allocation pool
 CPtrHashA hash for pointer keys
 CReferencedBase class for referenced objects
 CRefPtrA smart reference pointer, aka boost::intrusive_ptr
 CRefPtrHashA hash for RefPtr keys
 CRequestA Future implementation for a RequestHandler request
 CRequestHandlerA thread-safe request handler
 CResultA result returns an error code and behaves like a boolean
 CRNGA random number generator
 CSpinLockA fast lock for uncontended memory access
 CThreadUtility class to execute code in a separate execution thread
 CThreadIDAn utility class to wrap OS-specific thread identifiers
 CThreadPoolThread pool for tasks execution
 CTLSProvides thread-local storage API used by PerThread and PerThreadRef
 CUniqueLockA scoped mutex
 CUniqueSharedLockA scoped shared mutex
 CVersionInformation about the current Lunchbox version