Pression  1.0.0
Compressor, decompressor, uploader and downloader plugins
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCCompressorA C++ class to handle one compressor plugin instance
|oCCompressorResultA structure to hold the results from one compress operation
|oCDecompressorA C++ class to handle one decompressor plugin instance
|oCDownloaderA C++ class to handle one downloader plugin instance
|oCPluginHolder for all functions and information of one compression plugin DSO
|oCPluginRegistryA registry for loaded plugins
|oCPluginVisitorTVisitor for all plugins and compressors of a Plugin or PluginRegistry
|oCUploaderA C++ class to handle one uploader plugin instance
|\CVersionInformation about the current Pression version
\CEqCompressorInfoInformation about one compressor