hwsd  2.0.0
Local and remote ZeroConf service discovery for hardware resources
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CModuleThe DNS_SD implementation for remote GPU discovery
 CModuleThe GLX implementation for local GPU discovery
 CModuleThe DNS_SD implementation for remote network interface discovery
 CModuleThe low-level implementation for local network interface discovery
 CDuplicateFilterFilters all duplicates during discovery
 CFilterBase class for all discovery filters
 CGPUFilterFilters for a specific GPU regex
 CGPUInfoA structure containing GPU-specific information
 CMirrorFilterFilter overlapping duplicates with different GPU types
 CModuleBase class for runtime-attached DSOs of a query implementation
 CNetFilterFilter for network interfaces matching prefixes and/or type
 CNetInfoA structure containing network-specific information
 CNodeInfoA structure containing node-specific information
 CSessionFilterFilters for a specific session
 CVersionInformation about the current hwsd_gpu_dns_sd version