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co::QueueMaster Class Reference

The producer end of a distributed queue. More...

#include <queueMaster.h>

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Public Member Functions

CO_API QueueMaster ()
 Construct a new queue master. More...
virtual CO_API ~QueueMaster ()
 Destruct this queue master. More...
CO_API QueueItem push ()
 Enqueue a new queue item. More...
CO_API void clear ()
 Remove all enqueued items. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from co::Object
virtual CO_API ~Object ()
 Destruct the distributed object. More...
CO_API bool isAttached () const
CO_API LocalNodePtr getLocalNode ()
CO_API void setID (const uint128_t &identifier)
 Set the object's unique identifier. More...
CO_API const uint128_t & getID () const
CO_API uint32_t getInstanceID () const
CO_API bool isBuffered () const
CO_API bool isMaster () const
virtual uint64_t getMaxVersions () const
 Limit the number of queued versions on slave instances. More...
virtual CO_API CompressorInfo chooseCompressor () const
 Return the compressor to be used for data transmission. More...
virtual bool isDirty () const
 Return if this object needs a commit. More...
CO_API void push (const uint128_t &groupID, const uint128_t &objectType, const Nodes &nodes)
 Push the instance data of the object to the given nodes. More...
virtual CO_API uint128_t commit (const uint32_t incarnation=CO_COMMIT_NEXT)
 Commit a new version of this object. More...
CO_API void setAutoObsolete (const uint32_t count)
 Automatically obsolete old versions. More...
CO_API uint32_t getAutoObsolete () const
virtual CO_API uint128_t sync (const uint128_t &version=VERSION_HEAD)
 Sync to a given version. More...
CO_API uint128_t getHeadVersion () const
CO_API uint128_t getVersion () const
virtual CO_API void notifyNewHeadVersion (const uint128_t &version)
 Notification that a new head version was received by a slave object. More...
virtual void notifyNewVersion ()
 Notification that a new version was received by a master object. More...
virtual void pack (DataOStream &os)
 Serialize the modifications since the last call to commit(). More...
virtual void unpack (DataIStream &is)
 Deserialize a change. More...
CO_API ObjectOCommand send (NodePtr node, const uint32_t cmd, const uint32_t instanceID=CO_INSTANCE_ALL)
 Send a command with optional data to object instance(s) on another node. More...
virtual void notifyAttach ()
 Notify that this object will be registered or mapped. More...
virtual void notifyAttached ()
 Notify that this object has been registered or mapped. More...
virtual CO_API void notifyDetach ()
 Notify that this object will be deregistered or unmapped. More...
virtual void notifyDetached ()
 Notify that this object has been deregistered or unmapped. More...
uint32_t getMasterInstanceID () const
CO_API NodePtr getMasterNode ()
CO_API void removeSlave (NodePtr node, const uint32_t instanceID)
CO_API void removeSlaves (NodePtr node)
void setMasterNode (NodePtr node)
void addInstanceDatas (const ObjectDataIStreamDeque &, const uint128_t &)
void setupChangeManager (const Object::ChangeType type, const bool master, LocalNodePtr localNode, const uint32_t masterInstanceID)
virtual CO_API void detach ()
void transfer (Object *from)
void applyMapData (const uint128_t &version)
void sendInstanceData (const Nodes &nodes)
- Public Member Functions inherited from co::Dispatcher
Dispatcheroperator= (const Dispatcher &)
template<typename T >
void registerCommand (const uint32_t command, const CommandFunc< T > &func, CommandQueue *queue)
 Register a command member function for a command. More...
virtual CO_API bool dispatchCommand (ICommand &command)
 Dispatch a command from the receiver thread to the registered queue. More...


class QueueItem

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from co::Object
enum  ChangeType {
 Object change handling characteristics, see Programming Guide. More...
- Public Types inherited from co::Dispatcher
typedef CommandFunc< DispatcherFunc
 The signature of the base Dispatcher callback. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from co::Object
CO_API Object ()
 Construct a new distributed object. More...
Objectoperator= (const Object &)
 NOP assignment operator. More...
CO_API Object (const Object &)
 Copy construct a new, unattached object. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from co::Dispatcher
CO_API Dispatcher (const Dispatcher &from)
CO_API bool _cmdUnknown (ICommand &command)
 The default handler for handling commands. More...

Detailed Description

The producer end of a distributed queue.

One instance of this class is registered with a LocalNode to for the producer end of a distributed queue. One or more QueueSlave instances are mapped to this master instance and consume the data.

Definition at line 42 of file queueMaster.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CO_API co::QueueMaster::QueueMaster ( )

Construct a new queue master.

virtual CO_API co::QueueMaster::~QueueMaster ( )

Destruct this queue master.


Member Function Documentation

CO_API void co::QueueMaster::clear ( )

Remove all enqueued items.

CO_API QueueItem co::QueueMaster::push ( )

Enqueue a new queue item.

The returned queue item can stream additional data using the DataOStream operators. Note that the item is enqueued once it is destroyed, i.e. when it runs out of scope.

the item to enqueue.

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