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eVolve::FrameData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void reset ()
Rendering flags.
void setOrtho (const bool ortho)
void adjustQuality (const float delta)
void toggleBackground ()
void toggleNormalsQuality ()
void toggleColorMode ()
void toggleOrtho ()
void toggleHelp ()
void toggleStatistics ()
void spinCamera (const float x, const float y)
void moveCamera (const float x, const float y, const float z)
void setTranslation (const eq::Vector3f &translation)
void setRotation (const eq::Vector3f &rotation)
bool showHelp () const
bool useOrtho () const
bool useStatistics () const
const eq::Vector3f & getTranslation () const
const eq::Matrix4f & getRotation () const
float getQuality () const
ColorMode getColorMode () const
BackgroundMode getBackgroundMode () const
NormalsQuality getNormalsQuality () const
View interface.
void setCurrentViewID (const eq::uint128_t &id)
eq::uint128_t getCurrentViewID () const

Message overlay.

enum  DirtyBits { DIRTY_CAMERA = co::Serializable::DIRTY_CUSTOM << 0, DIRTY_FLAGS = co::Serializable::DIRTY_CUSTOM << 1, DIRTY_VIEW = co::Serializable::DIRTY_CUSTOM << 2, DIRTY_MESSAGE = co::Serializable::DIRTY_CUSTOM << 3 }
 The changed parts of the data since the last pack(). More...
void setMessage (const std::string &message)
const std::string & getMessage () const
virtual void serialize (co::DataOStream &os, const uint64_t dirtyBits)
virtual void deserialize (co::DataIStream &is, const uint64_t dirtyBits)
virtual ChangeType getChangeType () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file share/Equalizer/examples/eVolve/frameData.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

The changed parts of the data since the last pack().

Definition at line 102 of file share/Equalizer/examples/eVolve/frameData.h.

Member Function Documentation

void eVolve::FrameData::deserialize ( co::DataIStream &  is,
const uint64_t  dirtyBits 
See also

Definition at line 171 of file eVolve/frameData.cpp.

void eVolve::FrameData::serialize ( co::DataOStream &  os,
const uint64_t  dirtyBits 
See also

Definition at line 154 of file eVolve/frameData.cpp.

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