Equalizer  1.8.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
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eq::fabric::RenderContext Class Reference

The context applied to a channel during rendering operations. More...

#include <renderContext.h>

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Public Member Functions

EQFABRIC_API void apply (const Tile &tile)

Public Attributes

Frustumf frustum
 frustum for projection matrix
Frustumf ortho
 ortho frustum for projection matrix
Matrix4f headTransform
 frustum transform for modelview
Matrix4f orthoTransform
 orthographic frustum transform
co::ObjectVersion view
 destination view id and version
uint128_t frameID
 identifier from Config::beginFrame
PixelViewport pvp
 pixel viewport of channel wrt window
Pixel pixel
 pixel decomposition wrt to dest
Vector4i overdraw
Viewport vp
 fractional viewport wrt dest view
Vector2i offset
 absolute position wrt dest channel
Range range
 database-range wrt to dest channel
SubPixel subpixel
 subpixel decomposition wrt to dest
Zoom zoom
 up/downsampling wrt to dest
uint32_t buffer
 buffer as passed to glDrawBuffer()
uint32_t taskID
uint32_t period
 DPlex period.
uint32_t phase
 DPlex phase.
Eye eye
 current eye pass
uint32_t alignToEight
ColorMask bufferMask
 color mask for anaglyph stereo
bool alignDummy [28]

Detailed Description

The context applied to a channel during rendering operations.

Definition at line 38 of file renderContext.h.

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