Equalizer  1.8.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
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eqPly::VertexBufferState Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 VertexBufferState (eq::util::ObjectManager &objectManager)
virtual GLuint getDisplayList (const void *key)
virtual GLuint newDisplayList (const void *key)
virtual GLuint getTexture (const void *key)
virtual GLuint newTexture (const void *key)
virtual GLuint getBufferObject (const void *key)
virtual GLuint newBufferObject (const void *key)
virtual GLuint getProgram (const void *key)
virtual GLuint newProgram (const void *key)
virtual GLuint getShader (const void *key)
virtual GLuint newShader (const void *key, GLenum type)
virtual void deleteAll ()
bool isShared () const
void setChannel (Channel *channel)
virtual bool stopRendering () const
virtual void declareRegion (const triply::Vector4f &region)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file vertexBufferState.h.

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