Equalizer  1.8.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
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eq::glx Namespace Reference

The system abstraction layer for X11 and glX. More...


class  EventHandler
 The event handler for glX/X11 windows. More...
class  MessagePump
 A message pump receiving and dispatching X11 events. More...
class  Pipe
 Default implementation of a glX system pipe. More...
class  Window
 Equalizer default implementation of a glX window. More...
class  WindowEvent
 A window-system event for a glx::WindowIF. More...
class  WindowIF
 The interface defining the minimum functionality for a glX window. More...


void XSetCurrentDisplay (Display *display)
 Set the current X display connection. More...
Display * XGetCurrentDisplay ()

Detailed Description

The system abstraction layer for X11 and glX.

Function Documentation

Display* eq::glx::XGetCurrentDisplay ( )
the current display connection for the calling thread.
void eq::glx::XSetCurrentDisplay ( Display *  display)

Set the current X display connection.

This function stores a per-thread display connection, similar to the current WGL/AGL context. It is used by some classes to retrieve the display without having to know the glx::Pipe, which sets it automatically. Applications using the GLX window system with a custom SystemPipe implementation have to set it using this function.

displaythe current display connection to use.