Equalizer  2.0.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
eq::EventICommand Class Reference

A command specialization for config events. More...

#include <eventICommand.h>

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Public Member Functions

EQ_API EventICommand (const co::ICommand &command)
EQ_API EventICommand (const EventICommand &rhs)
 Copy-construct an event command. More...
EQ_API ~EventICommand ()
 Destruct an event command. More...
EQ_API uint32_t getEventType () const
 Returns the event type. More...

Detailed Description

A command specialization for config events.

Event commands are generated by Config::sendEvent and arrive in Config::handleEvent(). User data can be extracted with the API provided by co::DataIStream. The user data sent with this command is added while sending the event.

Definition at line 38 of file eventICommand.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EQ_API eq::EventICommand::EventICommand ( const EventICommand rhs)

Copy-construct an event command.

EQ_API eq::EventICommand::~EventICommand ( )

Destruct an event command.


Member Function Documentation

EQ_API uint32_t eq::EventICommand::getEventType ( ) const

Returns the event type.

The data extracted from this event has to match the data streamed to the EventOCommand by the event's sender. Equalizer events use an event type less than Event::USER. For those events, the data in this command is the eq::Event struct.

the event type.

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