HW-SD  1.0.0
Release Notes

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Welcome to HWSD, a daemon and library for the discovery and announcement of hardware resources using ZeroConf. HWSD enables auto-configuration of ad-hoc GPU clusters and multi-GPU machines.

HWSD 1.0 is a feature release based on GPU-SD 1.4. It can be retrieved by downloading the source code or one of the binary distributions.


HWSD provides the following features to enable GPU and network device discovery:

New in this release

HWSD 1.0 is a feature release and contains the following features, enhancements, bug fixes and documentation changes over the gpusd 1.4 release:

New Features





The following documentation has been added or substantially improved since the last release:

Bug Fixes

HWSD 1.0 includes various bugfixes over the gpusd 1.4 release, including the following:

Known Bugs

The following bugs were known at release time. Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.


HWSD is a cross-platform library, designed to run on any modern operating system, including all Unix variants and the Windows operating system. Zeroconf support in Lunchbox is required for the DNS_SD module and applications.

HWSD uses CMake and Buildyard to create a platform-specific build environment. The following platforms and build environments are tested:

Technical questions can be posted to the eq-dev Mailing List, or directly to info@.nosp@m.equa.nosp@m.lizer.nosp@m.grap.nosp@m.hics..nosp@m.com.

Commercial support, custom software development and porting services are available from Eyescale. Please contact info@eyescale.ch for further information.