Collage  0.6.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
co::Array< T >A wrapper to (de)serialize arrays
co::BarrierA networked, versioned barrier
co::BufferA receive buffer, containing the data for a co::ICommand
co::BufferConnectionA proxy connection buffering outgoing data into a memory buffer
co::BufferListenerA listener interface to buffer state changes
co::CommandCacheA command cache handles the reuse of allocated packets for a node
co::CommandFunc< T >A wrapper to register a function callback on an object instance
co::CommandQueueA CommandQueue is a thread-safe queue for command packets
co::ConnectionAn interface definition for communication between hosts
co::ConnectionDescriptionDescribes Connection parameters
co::ConnectionListenerA listener interface to connection changes
co::ConnectionSetHandles events on a set of connections
co::CustomICommandA command specialization for custom commands
co::CustomOCommandA class for sending custom commands and data to local & external nodes
co::DataIStreamA std::istream-like input data stream for binary data
co::DataIStreamArchiveA boost.serialization archive for a co::DataIStream
co::DataIStreamArchive::use_array_optimization::apply< T >
co::DataOStreamA std::ostream buffering and/or retaining data in a binary format
co::DataOStreamArchiveA boost.serialization archive for a co::DataOStream
co::DataOStreamArchive::use_array_optimization::apply< T >
co::DataStreamArchiveExceptionException being thrown when serialization cannot proceed
co::DispatcherA helper class providing command packet dispatch functionality to networked objects
co::ErrorRegistryThe registry translating error codes to strings
co::ExceptionA base Exception for Collage operations
co::GlobalGlobal parameter handling for the Collage library
co::ICommandA class managing received commands
co::InstanceCache::DataOne cache entry
co::LocalNodeSpecialization of a local node
co::NodeManages a node
co::NodeCommandPacketPacket sent to and handled by an co::Node
co::NodePacketPacket sent to and handled by an co::Node
co::ObjectA generic, distributed object
co::ObjectFactoryThe interface to create objects, used by objectMap
co::ObjectHandlerInterface for entities which map and register objects
co::ObjectICommandA command specialization for objects
co::ObjectMapCentral distributed object registry
co::ObjectOCommandA class for sending commands and data to local & external objects
co::ObjectPacketPacket sent to and handled by an co::Object
co::ObjectVersionA helper struct bundling an object identifier and version
co::OCommandA class for sending commands with data to local and external nodes
co::PacketA packet send over the network
co::PluginRegistryThe registry for all loaded Equalizer plugins
co::QueueItemThe item of the distributed queue holding the data
co::QueueMasterThe producer end of a distributed queue
co::QueueSlaveThe consumer end of a distributed queue
co::SerializableBase class for distributed, inheritable objects
co::VersionInformation about the current Collage version
co::WorkerThread< Q >A worker thread
co::ZeroconfA zeroconf communicator
EqCompressorInfoInformation about one compressor
hash< co::ObjectVersion >ObjectVersion hash function
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