Collage  0.6.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
api.h [code]
array.h [code]
barrier.h [code]
buffer.h [code]
bufferConnection.h [code]
bufferListener.h [code]
co.h [code]
command.h [code]
commandCache.h [code]
commandFunc.h [code]
commandQueue.h [code]
commands.h [code]
compressor.h [code]
plugins/compressor.h [code]The API to create runtime-loadable compression plugins
compressorInfo.h [code]
compressorTokens.h [code]Input and output token type definitions for compression plugins
compressorTypes.h [code]Compression plugin names
connection.h [code]
connection.ipp [code]
connectionDescription.h [code]
connectionListener.h [code]
connectionSet.h [code]
connectionType.h [code]
cpuCompressor.h [code]
customICommand.h [code]
customOCommand.h [code]
dataIStream.h [code]
dataIStream.ipp [code]
dataIStreamArchive.h [code]
dataIStreamArchive.ipp [code]
dataOStream.h [code]
dataOStream.ipp [code]
dataOStreamArchive.h [code]
dataOStreamArchive.ipp [code]
dataStreamArchiveException.h [code]
defines.h [code]
definesLinux.h [code]
dispatcher.h [code]
error.h [code]
errorRegistry.h [code]
exception.h [code]
global.h [code]
iCommand.h [code]
init.h [code]
instanceCache.h [code]
localNode.h [code]
log.h [code]
node.h [code]
nodeType.h [code]
object.h [code]
objectFactory.h [code]
objectHandler.h [code]
objectICommand.h [code]
objectMap.h [code]
objectOCommand.h [code]
objectVersion.h [code]
oCommand.h [code]
packets.h [code]
plugin.h [code]
pluginRegistry.h [code]
queueCommand.h [code]
queueItem.h [code]
queueMaster.h [code]
queuePackets.h [code]
queueSlave.h [code]
serializable.h [code]
types.h [code]
version.h [code]
worker.h [code]
worker.ipp [code]
zeroconf.h [code]
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