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Parallel Rendering Framework
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eqHello::Renderer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Renderer (seq::Application &application)
virtual ~Renderer ()
 Destruct this renderer. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from seq::Renderer
SEQ_API Renderer (Application &application)
 Construct a new renderer. More...
virtual SEQ_API bool init (co::Object *initData 1)
 Initialize the renderer. More...
virtual SEQ_API bool exit ()
 De-initialize the renderer. More...
virtual SEQ_API bool initContext (co::Object *initData)
 Initialize a rendering context. More...
virtual SEQ_API bool exitContext ()
 De-initialize a rendering context. More...
virtual SEQ_API void clear (co::Object *frameData)
 Clear the frame buffer. More...
SEQ_API void updateNearFar (const Vector4f &boundingSphere)
 Update the near and far planes to tightly enclose the given sphere. More...
SEQ_API void setNearFar (const float nearPlane, const float farPlane)
 Set the near and far planes. More...
virtual SEQ_API void applyRenderContext ()
 Apply the current rendering parameters to the rendering context. More...
SEQ_API const RenderContextgetRenderContext () const
virtual SEQ_API void applyModelMatrix ()
 Apply the current model matrix to the rendering context. More...
detail::Renderer * getImpl ()
co::Object * getFrameData ()
ApplicationgetApplication ()
const ApplicationgetApplication () const
virtual SEQ_API ViewDatacreateViewData ()
 Create a new per-view data instance. More...
virtual SEQ_API void destroyViewData (ViewData *viewData)
 Delete the given view data. More...
SEQ_API const GLEWContext * glewGetContext () const
 Get the GLEW context for this renderer. More...
SEQ_API const Frustumf & getFrustum () const
SEQ_API const Matrix4f & getViewMatrix () const
SEQ_API const Matrix4f & getModelMatrix () const
virtual SEQ_API co::Object * createObject (const uint32_t type)
virtual SEQ_API void destroyObject (co::Object *object, const uint32_t type)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void draw (co::Object *frameData)
 The rendering routine, a.k.a., glutDisplayFunc()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file hello.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual eqHello::Renderer::~Renderer ( )

Destruct this renderer.


Reimplemented from seq::Renderer.

Definition at line 41 of file hello.cpp.

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