Equalizer  1.8.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
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eq::ConfigEvent Struct Reference

#include <configEvent.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConfigEvent (const Event &d)

Public Attributes

Event data
 the Event More...
uint64_t size

Detailed Description

A config event.

Config events are generated by the event processing functions on the render nodes and send to the config thread in the application process using Config::sendEvent(). The config processes events at the end of the frame, either non-blocking or blocking (event-driven). Config events are typically application-specific. The events defined below are for the default implementation, which sends the window system events mostly unprocessed to the application.

The eqPixelBench example provides a sample implementation on how to create application-specific events.

When subclassing, make sure to set the packet size to the total size of the event structure.

Definition at line 45 of file include/eq/client/configEvent.h.

Member Data Documentation

Event eq::ConfigEvent::data

the Event


Definition at line 52 of file include/eq/client/configEvent.h.

Referenced by eVolve::Config::handleEvent(), and eqPly::Config::handleEvent().

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