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Equalizer for GLUT Developers

The following table gives an overview on how the most commonly used GLUT functions map to Equalizer.

glutInit eq::init, Client::initLocal, Client::connectServer, Server::chooseConfig
glutInitDisplayString, glutGameModeString, glutFullScreen, glutEnterGameMode, glutInitDisplayMode Window attributes from config file
glutInitWindowSize Window viewport from config file
glutCreateWindow Config::init causes Window::configInit to be called for each window used by the current configuration
glutMainLoop, glutPostRedisplay, glutIdleFunc Config::startFrame, Config::finishFrame (explicit, application-controlled main loop)
glutDisplayFunc Channel::frameClear , Channel::frameDraw
glutReshapeFunc, glutKeyboardFunc, glutMouseFunc, glutVisibilityFunc, glutMotionFunc Config::handleEvent , Window::processEvent
glutSwapBuffers Window::swapBuffers (called automatically at the end of a frame)
glutCreateMenu and other menu functions, glutStrokeCharacter, glutBitmapCharacter, glut geometric primitives (cube, sphere, etc.) not available, outside the scope of Equalizer