Equalizer  2.0.0
Parallel Rendering Framework
Class Hierarchy

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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Ceq::CompositorA set of functions performing compositing for a set of input frames
 Ceq::EventHandlerBase class for window system-specific event handlers
 Ceq::fabric::ColorMaskDefines which parts of the color buffer are to be written
 Ceq::fabric::ConfigParamsParameters for running a configuration
 Ceq::fabric::DrawableConfigStores the characteristics of a window's frame buffer configuration
 Ceq::fabric::EqualizerBase data transport class for equalizers
 Ceq::fabric::ErrorA wrapper for error codes to allow intuitive bool-like usage
 Ceq::fabric::ErrorRegistryThe registry translating error codes to strings
 Ceq::fabric::EventBase event structure to report window system and other events
 Ceq::fabric::FrustumA distributed object for frustum data
 Ceq::fabric::GlobalGlobal parameter handling for the Equalizer fabric namespace
 Ceq::fabric::GPUInfoA structure containing GPU-specific information
 Ceq::fabric::LeafVisitor< T >A visitor to traverse leaf nodes of a graph
 Ceq::fabric::PixelHolds a pixel decomposition specification with methods for manipulation
 Ceq::fabric::PixelViewportHolds a 2D pixel viewport with methods for manipulation
 Ceq::fabric::ProjectionA projector definition defining a view frustum
 Ceq::fabric::RangeA fractional database range with methods for manipulation
 Ceq::fabric::RenderContextThe context applied to a channel during rendering operations
 Ceq::fabric::SubPixelHolds a subpixel decomposition specification along with some methods for manipulation
 Ceq::fabric::ViewportA fractional viewport with methods for manipulation
 Ceq::fabric::WallA wall defining a view frustum
 Ceq::fabric::WindowSettingsA set of settings to setup an eq::fabric::Window
 Ceq::ImageA holder for pixel data
 Ceq::ImageOpA structure describing an image assembly task, used by the Compositor
 Ceq::MessagePumpAn interface to process system messages or events
 Ceq::NodeFactoryThe node factory is a per-node singleton used to create and release Equalizer resource instances
 Ceq::NotifierInterfaceA base class for notifying errors and events
 Ceq::PixelDataThe pixel data structure manages the pixel information for images
 Ceq::ResultImageListenerThe result image listener gets notified on new images produced by destination channels
 Ceq::StatisticSampler< Owner >Utility to sample an statistics event
 Ceq::SystemPipeThe interface definition for system-specific GPU handling
 Ceq::SystemWindowThe interface definition for system-specific windowing code
 Ceq::util::AccumA C++ class to abstract an accumulation buffer
 Ceq::util::BitmapFontA wrapper around AGL, WGL and GLX bitmap fonts
 Ceq::util::FrameBufferObjectA C++ class to abstract OpenGL frame buffer objects
 Ceq::util::ObjectManagerA facility class to manage OpenGL objects across shared contexts
 Ceq::util::PixelBufferObjectA C++ class to abstract OpenGL pixel buffer objects
 Ceq::util::TextureA wrapper around OpenGL textures
 Ceq::VersionInformation about the current Equalizer version
 Ceq::WindowSystemIFThe interface for windowing toolkits
 Ceqfabric::VersionInformation about the current EqualizerFabric version
 Ceqserver::VersionInformation about the current EqualizerServer version
 Cseq::VersionInformation about the current Sequel version
 Ceq::StatisticSampler< Channel >
 Ceq::StatisticSampler< Config >
 Ceq::StatisticSampler< Window >