Equalizer  1.10.1
Parallel Rendering Framework
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNeqThe Equalizer client library
|oNaglThe system abstraction layer for Apple OpenGL and Carbon
|oNfabricThe Equalizer data synchronization fabric
|oNglxThe system abstraction layer for X11 and glX
|oNqtThe system abstraction layer for Qt
|oNutilEqualizer utility classes
|oNwglThe system abstraction layer for Windows OpenGL
|oNx11An abstraction layer for CPU-based rendering using X11
|oCCanvasA canvas represents a logical 2D projection surface
|oCChannelA channel represents a two-dimensional viewport within a Window
|oCChannelStatisticsSamples one channel statistics event
|oCClientThe client represents a network node of the application in the cluster
|oCCompositorA set of functions performing compositing for a set of input frames
|oCComputeContextThe interface definition for API-specific GPGPU handling
|oCConfigA configuration is a visualization session driven by an application
|oCConfigStatisticsSamples one Config statistics event
|oCCUDAContextCUDA implementation of a ComputeContext
|oCEventHandlerBase class for window system-specific event handlers
|oCEventICommandA command specialization for config events
|oCExceptionException class for Equalizer operations
|oCFrameA holder for a frame data and related parameters
|oCFrameDataA holder for multiple images
|oCGLExceptionOpenGL Exception
|oCGlobalGlobal parameter handling for the Equalizer client library
|oCGLWindowA system window for OpenGL rendering
|oCImageA holder for pixel data
|oCLayoutA layout groups one or more View, logically belonging together
|oCMessagePumpAn interface to process system messages or events
|oCNodeA Node represents a single computer in the cluster
|oCNodeFactoryThe node factory is a per-node singleton used to create and release Equalizer resource instances
|oCNotifierInterfaceA base class for notifying errors and events
|oCObserverAn Observer looks at one or more views from a certain position (head matrix) with a given eye separation
|oCPipeA Pipe represents a graphics card (GPU) on a Node
|oCPixelDataThe pixel data structure manages the pixel information for images
|oCResultImageListenerThe result image listener gets notified on new images produced by destination channels
|oCSegmentA segment covers a sub-area of a Canvas
|oCServerProxy object for the connection to an Equalizer server
|oCStatisticSamplerUtility to sample an statistics event
|oCSystemPipeThe interface definition for system-specific GPU handling
|oCSystemWindowThe interface definition for system-specific windowing code
|oCVersionInformation about the current Equalizer version
|oCViewA View is a 2D area of a Layout
|oCWindowA Window represents an on-screen or off-screen drawable
|oCWindowSettingsA set of settings to setup an eq::SystemWindow
|oCWindowStatisticsA statistics sampler for window-related events
|oCWindowSystemIFThe interface for windowing toolkits
|\CVersionInformation about the current EqualizerFabric version
|\CVersionInformation about the current EqualizerServer version
\NseqSequel - A simple interface to the Equalizer parallel rendering framework
 oCApplicationThe main application object
 oCRendererA renderer instance
 oCVersionInformation about the current Sequel version
 \CViewDataStores per-view data